Water polo betting

Water polo is not the most popular sport, but water polo is one of the oldest competitions in the history of the Olympics. The first men’s championship was held in 1900. Despite the not-so-popularity of this sport, many bookmakers accept water polo betting, and they offer a fairly extensive line for major championships.

Game rules and features

In order to make winning water polo betting, you need to thoroughly know the rules of this sports game. Throughout its long history, water polo has changed the rules many times. At the very beginning of development, this game was more like rugby, i.e. more aggressive and rougher than today’s format. By removing aggressive action from the game, polo turned into a boring, inconclusive event that could not please the spectators.

Therefore, in favor of increasing entertainment, a time limit for the attack was introduced.
Until now, changes are being made to the rules on the water polo, again aimed at increasing entertainment. Therefore, before placing a bet, study in detail all the current rules and features of a particular championship.

Variety of bets on water polo

Predictions for water polo today are made only for the main types of bets, because. other bets are not accepted by most bookmakers. As in other sports, in water polo betting you can bet on the outcome. Due to the fact that a draw is possible here, three types of bets are accepted: the victory of the first team, the second and a draw.

Experienced bettors prefer to bet on the result with a handicap, because. the former are not so profitable and have low quotes or are very risky. In water polo betting there is almost always a favorite of the meeting and often he is head and shoulders above his opponent. Bets with a minus handicap on the favorite in such meetings have a good potential. Usually, the step handicap for water polo is 1-2 balls.

Predictions for water polo can be made not for the entire match, but for separate periods. Each period in this game lasts 8 minutes. You can bet on a clear victory in some period, or bet with a handicap.

Totals are also popular in water polo betting. Thanks to the tightening of the rules, the players have less and less time to play the ball and they start attacking. As a result, the number of goals scored increases, which means that the total total also increases.


Match analysis by Water polo betting

To make correct forecasts for water polo betting, it is necessary to conduct a competent analysis of the upcoming meeting. Bookmaker analysts do not devote enough time to collecting statistics for water matches, so bettors have a chance to predict the result more accurately. First of all, you should examine the pool. If this is the home arena, then the team will play better. Here the factor of the home stadium is more important than in many other team sports.

Pay special attention to the professionalism and current training of the goalkeeper. During the game, he has to reflect up to 25 hits, so the result of the whole game largely depends on him. The stronger the goalkeeper is, the stronger the whole team will be. You also need to pay attention to the condition of key players – whether they have injuries, what their physical and psychological condition is.

In international tournaments, it is important to take into account the level of development of water polo in a particular country. For example, in Croatia this sport is very popular, so the arena will be full of fans and the home team will receive maximum support. Water polo betting is very developed in Hungary and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Among girls, the best water polo players are Americans.

Despite the fact that water polo betting is not the most popular sport, a bettor can make good money on it by beating a bookmaker who does not approach the match analysis very carefully.