Snooker betting

Snooker is one of the most popular types of billiards. This is a rather spectacular and interesting sport, in which you can feel the intrigue right up to the final match. Not surprisingly, many bookmakers accept bets on snooker. To successfully bet on this sport, you need to thoroughly know the rules and features of snooker betting.


Briefly about snooker betting

The game involves two athletes. On the billiard table, 21 balls are laid out in a rhombus. The player must pocket the colored and red balls in turn until there is a first miss. In this case, the turn passes to another participant. Colored balls bring the most points, after hitting the pocket they return to their original places. Red balls are not exposed. The athlete with the most points wins. The victory can be early if the player has more points than can be scored with the remaining balls on the table.

Bookmakers accept several types of online snooker bets. The most popular type of snooker betting is on the result. Only a win or a loss is possible, a draw is excluded. Before placing a bet, read the format of a particular tournament in detail.

You can try to predict the exact score by frames. The game continues up to 5 wins, it is easy to calculate what a great variety in the score can be. Therefore, the quotes of bookmakers for the exact score are quite high – they reach 25. It is more realistic to predict the total total frames. Also, bookmakers accept bets on odds, and again on frames.

For major tournaments, bookmakers are expanding their online snooker betting line. The better is invited to guess the winner of the entire championship, the number of centuries, the individual total, the number of points in the maximum series, with which total the meeting will end – even or odd, etc.


Live snooker betting features

To make profitable bets on snooker, you need to consider the following features:

1) A busy schedule of games and many competitions a year. It is not uncommon for one snooker player to hold 3-4 meetings per day. Naturally, such a schedule is exhausting, and the players worsen the level of the game by the end of the day.
2) Do not overestimate the legendary players who may not be in the best shape today.
3) Snooker betting is a game of exits. Those. it is not enough to simply pocket the ball, it is much more important to put the cue ball in a comfortable position to continue the series. Or, in case of impossibility of hitting, put the cue ball in the most uncomfortable position for the opponent.
4) Snooker differs from other types of billiards in larger table sizes and special pocket geometry. Therefore, experienced billiard players cannot always play snooker effectively.
5) Before placing snooker betting, study the rules of the game in detail, as well as the features of the tournament.


Snooker sports betting. Tournament analysis

Forecasts of many professionals regarding the outcome of the meeting are based on the results of previous games. The current form of the snooker player and his motivation are also assessed. Forecasts in most cases come true, because. Snooker betting is a fairly predictable sport and athletes show consistent results. Although the psychological factor here is one of the most important. Therefore, if a player started the frame unsuccessfully and could not cope with the psychological stress, then the whole game may turn out not in his favor.

In snooker, a player’s current ranking is not as important as in other sports. The fact is that there are uncomfortable opponents. Therefore, often the leaders of the standings lose to the last places. When determining the favorite of the meeting, you need to take into account the results of personal meetings of these rivals.

Where the meeting takes place, at home or away, is not very important for snooker betting. Although there are players who change the quality of their game with a large audience and with a small number of spectators. The motivation of the athlete should also be assessed. If he needs to go to the most prestigious tournament in a couple of days, then he is unlikely to pay due attention to the current competition, and may well lose even to the obviously weakest opponent.