Motorsport betting

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Motorsport is a spectacular, dynamic sport that attracts thousands of fans around the world. There are several classes in motorsport, each of which is good and unique in its own way. The largest events are broadcast on television and widely covered on the Internet. In addition, bookmakers offer to bet on motorsport, and with a fairly large selection of events. Therefore, bettors who are well versed in this sport can always find suitable competitions for profitable bets.

Features of motorsport betting

In motorcycle racing, the result is greatly influenced by the technical component – the motorcycle itself. But the physical qualities of a racer are not as important as in other sports – football, hockey, basketball. Here, other qualities come to the fore – reaction, the ability to make a quick decision, excellent bike control, thorough knowledge of the track.

When betting on motorsport, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors: weather conditions, motorcycle characteristics, type of tires, coherence and speed of the mechanics, the strategy used, the motivation of the rider and the team, and many others. Therefore, before each race, the better must do a long and painstaking work so that his bet is more likely to win.

Motorcycle racing is unpredictable, so bookmakers offer fairly high odds on the favorites. For example, quotes for the winner of last year’s competition may exceed 2.0. Another distinctive feature of betting on motorcycle racing is the increased margin of the bookmaker. This is due to the same unpredictability of races. To reduce the consequences of incorrect predictions, bookmakers overestimate the margin.

Motorsport Tournaments

There are many types of motorsport competitions, differing in duration, technique and rules used. Here we will consider only the most popular types of motorcycle racing organized by the MMF – the international motorcycle federation:

1) Motocross – competitions on rough terrain, there are obstacles on the track. The Motocross World Championship is held for about six months, and its different stages can be held in several countries of the world.
2) Speedway – racing on an oval track on flat asphalt without obstacles. The length of the circle varies from 260 to 400 meters. The World Championship is also held in the Grand Prix format.
3) Speedway on ice – the track is covered with ice, which gives the races a special spectacle and intensity of passion. It is worth noting that the main competition in this sport over the past 20 years has been won by athletes from Russia.
4) Highway racing is the most popular type of motorcycle racing among bookmakers. Competitions are held on flat, asphalt tracks.
As part of the road-ring racing, athletes can compete in three categories: Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP. The last class is the most prestigious and popular. In this competition, racers compete on specially designed motorcycles that are not mass-produced.

Types of bets on motorcycle racing

Motorsport betting is characterized by its simplicity and small selection. Here you can not bet on the total, or the victory of the rider with a handicap. All bets are extremely clear, which is why beginners love to bet on this sport so much.

So, the most popular type of bookmaker bet is to win. Before the start of the competition, you can choose one rider who, in your opinion, will arrive first, and bet on him. The odds are quite high even on the favorites. Sometimes the line contains not the name of the rider, but the name of the team. Live betting on the best time on a specific lap is also accepted.

In addition, bookmakers accept bets on who will be in the top three. The odds here, of course, are lower than for a clear victory, however, the better’s chances of winning will be higher. So, for the fact that one of the favorites will take 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, they give a coefficient in the region of 1.2-1.3. Another type of bookmaker’s bet is comparing racers with each other, when the bettor is required to determine which of them will drive the entire track or a certain circle faster.