Darts betting

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Darts is a fairly popular game in the USA and England, the competitions in which are held at a professional level. Recently, darts betting began to spread to other countries in Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia. Russia also did not stand aside, here this game is also popular. Despite the fact that betting on darts is not as common as football or basketball betting, betting on this sport still has good prospects.


Live darts betting

Naturally, in order to make correct predictions for darts, you need to know the rules of this game thoroughly. Initially, it was only a pleasure, not a competitive game that was played in bars. However, over time, professional competitions began to take place in darts betting. The rules for this game have not changed over the years, which simplifies the task for the better.

According to the rules of the game of darts, two players participate in each individual meeting, who are awarded 301 or 501 points, depending on the tournament regulations. Then each of the participants in turn throws darts at the target from a distance of 2.37 meters. Points scored on the target are deducted from the points accrued at the beginning of the game. In order to win, you must be the first to reset your account. An important nuance of this game is that you need to achieve exactly a zero score, you can’t go into the red.

The target is divided into 20 sectors and zones with double and triple points, as well as the center of the target. In order to earn the most points in one go to the target, you need to knock out the 20 in the tripling zone three times in a row. In this case, 180 points will be deducted from the participant’s account. From this it follows that the minimum number of approaches to the target to win in darts is 3, or 9 throws of darts.

According to the rules of the game of darts, the last dart must hit either the center of the target or the doubling zone. The interval of the game, during which one of the participants is the first to reset their balance to zero, is called a leg. One set consists of 3-5 legs. Winning a game usually requires winning in three sets.


Types of darts bet strategy

For major darts championships, well-known bookmakers offer a fairly extensive list for this sport. Traditionally, you can bet on the outcome. Usually in darts betting there is a favorite who is more likely to win. A draw, while possible, is extremely rare. If there was no draw in the bookmaker’s line, the better bet on the victory of one athlete, and there was a draw, then the money is returned to the account.

According to the rules of the game of darts, you usually need to win three sets to win. Therefore, bookmakers make it possible to bet on a specific account in sets. In total, 6 options are available – the choice is not very large, so it is quite possible to guess the result. The odds for such bets are quite high.
A typical darts betting is a checkout bet. This term refers to the completion of the leg in one exit. The better needs to guess if the athlete will be able to catch up with his balance of points to zero in three throws of darts. You can also try to predict which of the athletes will make the biggest checkout.


Darts sports betting

Another bet characteristic only for darts betting is the number of sets of 180 points. Those. the better must guess how many times the athlete will be able to knock out the maximum amount of points in one exit to the target. Usually the total of such approaches is from 1.5 to 6.5.
Darts Predictions
Despite the seeming simplicity of playing darts, it requires no less complex analysis than more popular sports. First you need to familiarize yourself with the features and regulations of a particular tournament. Competitions are distinguished by the number of legs in a set and the number of sets required to win. There may also be a different number of initial points.

Considering that darts are played one on one, the main component in the forecast is the analysis of athletes. It is important to take into account not only their physical form, but also the psychological mood, motivation. Athletes use different strategies, there are players who like to play risky, for example, they can try to checkout on 170 points. All these nuances must be taken into account when darts betting.