American football betting

Bookmakers accept american football betting. If in the homeland of this sport there has never been a release from those who want to bet, then in Europe only recently, with the development of online betting, the number of bets has increased significantly.

We will introduce the visitors of the resource to the basic concepts of American football, tell you what bets on American football are, and what strategies are most effective.


American Football live betting

Two teams of 11 people each compete in a 60-minute match. The fight is divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes. The side with the most points wins. Points are awarded for successful actions. Namely:

• Carrying the ball, with a touchdown, across the court – 6 points;
• Goal against the opponent – 3 points;
• Stopping an opponent in own penalty area – 2 points.

The judge fixes all successful actions, and the points balance is reflected on the scoreboard.


American Football Betting: Bookmaker Offers

In the listings of bookmakers we will find the following markets:

• Outcomes (P1 and P2);
• Handicap;
• Totals;
• Events in quarters and halves;
• Individual indicators of players;
• Long-term bets.

Outcomes. The easiest market to understand. Draws are extremely rare in american football betting. Therefore, many bookmakers accept bets only on 2 outcomes – the victory of one of the teams. This applies to the most prestigious tournament – the NFL (American League) and many others.

Handicap. A very popular american football betting, when the outcome of the meeting is difficult to predict. With the help of odds, it is possible to equalize the chances and get more chances to win. Bettors often bet on zero odds in matches of equal teams, thereby insuring themselves against a possible draw.

Totals. In american football bettingl, there is no concept of a standard total, as in European football. Depending on the level and performance of the teams, the value of the main total varies from 41 to 55. If you carefully study the teams, you can find certain patterns and make productive bets on totals.

Long term american football betting. Before the start of the tournaments and during them, bettors can bet on the winner, the playoffs and the winners of the championship. Many bookmakers have this option. In our materials, readers will find out which teams are listed above and which are outsiders. It will be easier for bettors to understand and choose the best bets on the final results in the championship.


The best bookmakers to bet on american football

Deciding on the choice of a bookmaker for betting on a particular sport is not as difficult as it might seem. The first thing to do is to check the license of the operator, whether he can be trusted and whether there are any violations on his part. Next, look at the ratios.

Good conditions are those under which the commission on many markets is in the range of 4-6%. Another important aspect is the number of markets. For American football, not all operators publish wide murals. We will tell you which bookmakers have the best odds and a large number of markets in the list.

American football live betting. Our experts analyze live offers on american football betting. They evaluate the odds, the selection of events and the quality of the live broadcasts. The result is a list of the best operators for live deals.


American football betting: a strategy for bettors

There are effective betting strategies, which we will discuss in this section. All of them are well combined with financial ones, and the bettor has an effective tool for stable winnings. Among all the methods, we highlight the best:

• Bet on the victory of the underdog in the quarter;
• Total over in a match;
• Negative handicap on the favorite;
• Positive handicap on the outsider.

Each scheme is thoroughly studied and repeatedly tested by our experts. If you follow all the instructions and algorithms, you will get a plus after many bets. Naturally, it is necessary to correctly calculate the size of transactions in order to protect the bank from large drawdowns. This is where financial strategies can help.

Spread betting in American Football

It will be possible to make effective predictions for American football live if you take into account at least the basic factors that affect the outcome. Some of our recommendations, we hope, will simplify the task of bettors.

Bet on multiple teams. It is better to focus on a few clubs and lead them through the season. This makes it easier to spot patterns and apply specific betting patterns. If you bet on everyone in a row, it will be difficult to get a plus at a distance.

The home field factor plays an important role. Teams that are accustomed to their arena and turf with the support of their fans beat even the leaders.
Player statistics. It is useful to know the personal indicators of attackers and defenders in order to understand what state the team is in.